Hello! I’m Adam

I am just a normal, friendly, smiley down to earth guy who loves fitness and wants to share my story with the world. I have decided to share everything I’ve learned to build this website in hopes to inspire and educate the wonderful world of fitness! 🙂

Growing up was tough for me at times…. diagnosed with a rare muscle defect at a young age, I was embarrassed and ashamed about how I looked. I had no strength and self esteem and was an easy target for bullies and struggled to find the confidence to stand up for myself.

When I reached my twenties I finally decided enough was enough. I will never forget that night, I was up late channel flicking when I came across a advertisement for a fitness video. I watched interviews with regular guys just like me that in a short space of time had completely transformed themselves at home.

I went to bed so inspired that night, wondering if I would be able to do the same. I decided to give it a try. I took a “play with the cards you’re dealt” approach and decided to completely ignore my teenage conditions that had left me in such a horrible state both physically and mentally.

How did i GET STARTED?

I decided to buy some small dumbbells and train at home. My first dumbbells were an adjustable small set of iron plates. They were loud and clunky and made lots of noise during exercises. They were far from perfect but I was able to learn and perform a few of the basic exercises which would later become the base of a small full body workout.
With little knowledge and strength I repeated this full body workout three times a week. As the weeks went on I started to become more familiar with the exercises and it was becoming less of a struggle and more of a fun hobby. As time went on I could feel myself becoming stronger and stronger as I started to increase the weights. For me this was a surreal feeling and I was so happy and excited. I felt so empowered with every pull and push, every repetition…

“Working out gave me the confidence in myself, the energy, and most importantly it trained me a big lesson in life that if you provide the right amount of dedication and hard work you can become successful at almost anything.”

I started off at 120 pounds at a height of 5’10 and climbed my way up to 175 pounds in just over 24 months.


120 pounds


175 pounds


185 pounds

Below are some snapshots of me doing the Homeshredded 12 week 2 shred program. This is the workout program I came up with after hours of researching trying to find the most effective routine to build muscle at home.

I’ve taken this full plan that I used for my transformation and given it it a few tweaks to build what I believe to be the ultimate home workout. The full plan is available right here at homeshredded, free for everyone. Click here

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Excuse some of the faces I’m making! These are stills from the video! 🙂

The majority of my transformation was made using this simple set-up above. All I needed to get the job done was my trusty pair of Bodymax selectable dumbbells (click for review), a standard bench and a door frame pull up bar.

Today this small room has evolved and is filled with equipment, including a large power rack. See how I crammed it all in at Tour of my small home gym space.

As time flew by I continued my workouts, each month adding more weight and increasingly challenging exercises. I wanted to push myself to the limit. After my first year I started to look at myself in the mirror, something I had always avoided in the past. I was shocked to see that parts of my chest muscles had started to form. It was that indescribable moment when you realise that deep down you might actually have a shot at something you never thought was possible.

Motivated more than ever, I kept going and I started to research nutrition and the importance of eating good foods. I explored the world of cooking and it soon became another passion and hobby of mine. I discovered that healthy eating was more than just vegetables, salads and protein. All I needed was a basic knowledge of what’s good and bad and a little bit of creativity and I was able to start really enjoying eating a good healthy diet. I soon discovered that almost anything can be good in moderation.
Then as things started to get more serious I started to learn about supplements. Things such as protein shakes. I did not realise how helpful they were till I started to include them into my routine.

My second year, filled with even more knowledge I was following a solid workout plan that I enjoyed, I had a great diet filled with lots of healthy and tasty recipes. I also had the help of a protein shake I would take right after my workout each session.

After my second year I had already put on 30 pounds of muscle. My confidence started to soar and I started making lots of new friends. It was amazing how much something so small had helped me become such a more friendly and sociable person.

I felt so much better both emotionally and physically. I used to be out of breath all the time and struggle with even the most basic physical tasks. Now I woke up every day smiling, filled with so much energy and a contagious smile.
Here I am now! I kept up my workouts and healthy lifestyle and have never looked back. After 3 years of intense training and studying I’m finally able to look at myself and see the body that I always dreamed of but had no idea was possible for me to obtain.

Now it is time for me to share everything that I have learned over the past 3 years. I want to inspire you, teach you and guide you on one of the most rewarding journeys you can take in your life.
It does not matter if you are completely new to working out or have been working out for some time or you have hit a brick wall.

On this website I’m going to try and teach you absolutely everything you need to know to change your life. Take a look around, you will find everything from workouts, equipment, supplements and of course… lots of yummy recipes!

“Follow my journey as I blog my personal workout progress, answer questions and share all of my new workouts. I’m going to be sharing tasty recipes and food but also reviews of the latest supplements and even fitness equipment. Look out for the Homeshredded YouTube channel for fun entertaining workouts and cooking and advice!”


One of the most surprising things that I never expected or planned was just how much working out would affect my entire life. As I progressed, my confidence grew and I was able to shut away all of the fears and anxieties that had followed me almost my entire life. I was becoming a much more friendly and likeable person. People reacted to this and I soon noticed they started to treat me differently and more and more opportunities became available both in my personal life and business life.

After achieving my fitness goals I felt so inspired. I was filled with a strong feeling that I could achieve anything I wanted with the dedicated and hard work that I had developed from working out. I thought “why not apply all the hard work and dedication principles to other areas of my life?”
When you are following a workout program and healthy lifestyle regularly, you are not only training your body but also your mind. You are giving it the desire and discipline to stick to a schedule and always complete the tasks that have been set.

If you take these key principles that you have learned working out and apply them to your job then you have the potential to achieve outstanding results. For example, I sat down and thought of ways in which I could improve myself at work. I wrote down a list and came up with a routine to follow for exercises which I could use to become better at my job.

I studied and read books. I wrote down and tried anything I could think of that I could use to learn more about my career and progress. In the short space of a year and a half, I rose through the ranks at work, from a junior to a middleweight and finally senior position. I continued my workouts and applied the same principles to my life.

I scheduled times and set goals to read books and learn from role models of successful businessmen and young entrepreneurs. While maintaining my full time job I started up my own business as a hobby and it became a surprising success.

Everything I did was fuelled from my experience working out, which gave me confidence in myself, energy, and most importantly it taught me a big lesson in life that if you provide the right amount of dedication and hard work you can become successful at almost anything.