BCAA Stands for branched chain amino acids. Amino acids are used as building blocks for protein. During exercise amino acids are metabolised by our muscles. so it’s important to re-fuel them. The BCAA’s can aid in this refuelling process.

How do BCAAs help with gaining muscle?

Alongside helping our bodies to build muscle, BCAAs contain a few other benefits. They have been known to speed up recovery after working out, meaning you can start working the muscles out again quicker, contributing to faster gains.

If you are on a low carb or calorie diet, BCAAs can help increase your energy and muscle endurance by reducing the amount of glycogen used from your muscles. So If you’re undergoing a cutting phase in body building, BCAAs can be a very helpful aid to your workouts.

What’s the best way to take BCAAs?

BCAA supplements can be found in powder form. You can add a small amount to your protein shake or drink it independently in a small glass mixed with water.

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