If your looking to add some cardio to your workouts at home you have lots of options to choose from. You can follow video workouts and do cardio in your living room with no equipment or you can invest in a treadmill, exercise bike etc. If your looking for a more passive cardio where you can just switch off and get to work, or perhaps even watch TV then a cardio based machine is great if you have the space.

Having a treadmill at home is actually a lot more practical than your might think. All of the treadmills below come with a folding mechanism and wheels so it’s easy to store your treadmill out of the way when not in use if you don’t have a dedicated workout space or garage.

These are my top picks, all currently under £500 on Amazon.

Whats the best treadmill under £500 in 2016?

JLL S300 digital treadmill

Bodymax T60HR Treadmill

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