1. Never skip breakfast

Often phrased as “The most important meal of the day”. You’ve just woken up, you may have slept for up to 9 hours. Your body is crying out for some nutrients. A healthy breakfast can provide the body with the calories, fibres, vitamins and minerals and energy to get you through the first half of the day.

I recommend some healthy starchy carbs such as oats or wholemeal toast to give you that morning energy, these will also slowly break down into glucose and release energy as you need it up until lunch.

Not a breakfast person?

I understand this one! Back before my transformation I used to always skip breakfast. I’ve always struggled with a lack of appetite in the morning and I’ve met many people that feel the same. Luckily I found a great way to get all of the calories and nutrition I need when I wake up in the morning and I have a lack of appetite or sometimes just not enough time.

Myprotein instant oats can be used as a shake to quickly and easily replace your morning porridge. It’s basically oats ground into a powder with a little bit of flavouring. All you need to do is mix with water and drink and you’re good to go! You can see my review of the instant oats here

Weight gain shakes are a personal favourite of mine is to have a weight gain style protein shake in the morning if I dont have time for breakfast. A weight gain shake is like a protein shake but it also has the extra carbs and fat to equal a full large meal. If your going to use a weight gain shake its VERY important to make sure you pick the right one. Some of the cheaper weight gain shakes contain carbs built up from sugar rather than good clean starchy carbs such as oats. You can see my reviews of my three favourite recommend weight gain shakes here.

2. Eat lots of vegetables

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables! Try and eat a variety of different vegetables and colours as they all contain different combinations of important vitamins and minerals. Stocking your freezer with lots of frozen vegetables is a great way to always have something at hand. See my guide to easily cook a steam frozen vegetables from frozen in your microwave for under 5 minutes here.

3. Eat plenty of fish

Replace your source of protein with fish 2 days a week. As well as a good amount of protein, Oily fish contains high values of omega-3 which helps maintain and healthy heart. Fish also contains a great natural source of vitamin D, which is important for bone health.

4. Stay hydrated

It’s really important to keep your fluid levels high during the day, especially while exercising. Aim for around 8-10 glasses of fluid a day. I recommend water as there is no added extra calories or additives. However tea and coffee, milk etc all count.

5. Keep an eye on your salt

A high intake of salt is one of the leading risks in developing a high blood pressure which can contribute to a stroke or even heart disease. Watch out for high salt content in processed foods, look out for the red background on the nutrition labels and look out for low sodium alternatives.

6. Cut down on sugars and saturated fats

As previously mentioned in the nutrition basics fat can be both good and bad for us. It’s important not to consume too many saturated fats and sugars for a health diet. Too much sugar in between meals can also be bad for our teeth. If you have a sweet craving I recommend snacking on some fruit.

7. Plan and prepare your meals in advance

If your plan and prepare your meals in advance it eliminates the choice of gravitating towards unhealthy foods in the space of the moment. You planned a cooked a healthy meal to take to work for lunch so your going to eat it. If you did not bring something to eat the chances are you’re going to pop to the shop and buy a tempting meal deal of a sandwich, packet of crisps and fizzy drink.

See my guide to preparing and meal prepping here.

8. Healthy snacking between meals

A small handful or nuts, a banana or apple can be a brilliant way to add extra nutrients to your daily diet but also keep you going. It will also help to reduce your cravings to unhealthy foods during the day.

There’s also lots of yummy alternatives for snacks, on my recipes page you will find some great healthy alternatives. Love cake? Try my healthy banana and peanut butter muffins! You can see the recipe here.

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