If you have a set of adjustable spin lock dumbbells you will know the frustration of unlocking those spin locks and swapping the discs over and over again. It takes time away from your workout and can ruin your flow and motivation. They also sometimes get loose during workouts and need to be tightened up after each set.

Unless you have the space and the money to build a long rack of fixed weight dumbbells then your going to need another solution to streamline your workouts. Luckily in this day and age there’s a great solution to this problem.

Mechanical adjustable dumbbells take up a just small space in the corner of your workout area but can provide the equiverlent of a full rack of dumbbells. But how does this work? From a simple flick of a dial you can choose how heavy you want the dumbbell to be and when you pick it up it leaves the necessary plates behind to create the dumbbell with the weight you choose. See the diagram below for how this works.

How do adjustable dumbbells work?

As seen above this allows you to have a wide variety of weights at your disposal while only taking up a fraction of the space of a full dumbbell rack.

If your serious about lifting at home your going to need to be able to increase your weights as you get stronger. With a pair of these you are able to easily test yourself as you get stronger and work your way up heavier and heavier over time. When I first starting working out at home all I had was a basic bench and a pair of Bodymax Selectable dumbbells. I started off with chest press with the lowest selectable weight and over the course of 2 years I’ve worked my way all the way up to the heaviest setting. Without the ability to push myself and try and lift the heavier weights as I got stronger I don’t think I would of made the progress I did.

My trusty adjustable dumbbells have been with me every step of the way through my workouts and you will see me using them in many of the homeshredded workout videos. I’m a big fan of the Bodymax selectable dumbbells here in the UK. The chart below uses these as an example to show just how many weights you are getting in such a small space.

Will they last?

Good weights can last for centuries if looked after. A dumbbell after all can essentially be just solid iron weight. The biggest concern and criticism on the internet for adjustable dumbbells is that because they contain a mechanical element they are more fragile and might not last as long.

It’s true to some part that they have limitations. For example you cant aggressively drop them on the floor after finishing a set. But in all honestly, would you really want to do that in your home gym?

I’ve used my pair of Bodymax Selectable Dumbbells now for over 2 years and they feel and work exactly like they did the day I bought them. They get used almost every workout so have taken quite a lot of abuse. I’ve had a few accidents and hit them quite hard by mistake on the bars of my power rack and I’ve never had an problems.

If you’d like to learn more about the bodymax adjustable dumbbells you can see my full 2 year hands on, in-depth review below.

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