Best exercises for abs V-lines

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Right! lets talk about the abdominal V-line. It’s no secret that a big deep V-shape at the bottom of the waist is one of the most attractive muscles you can build. Often referred to as the “sex lines” they are sure to drive your significant other wild.

So how do I get that V?

Well, you are in luck! Obtaining the V is not as hard as you might think. If you work hard and develop the area enough you can get a nice V going even while carrying a little extra weight around the stomach. So lets cut to the chase and build up that nice deep V. Here are the best exercises I know to develop a solid V-line.

1. Seated Knee-ins

Sit down with your back at the slight angle and your legs straight in front of your. Pull your knees into your chest while trying to maintain your balance. The key to this exercise is to not let your feet touch the floor.

2. Side Knee-ups

This is a more advanced exercise. If your struggle with this one the seated knee-ins are a great alternative. Hang from a bar with your arms locked. Raise your knees up alternating from side to side.

3. V-ups

A great lower abs exercise. Lay down flat on your back with your arms straight behind your head. Slightly bend your knees and lift your legs off the floor and crunch your abs forward to try and touch your toes. Lower yourself back down slowly to the starting positon.

4. Russian twists

Start in a seated position leaning back with your legs off the floor in front of you. Join your hands together and use your body to twist and touch the floor each side.
TIP: You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by holding a small plate and touching the floor with it each twist.

Do the routine

These exercises can be combined to create a killer ab routine. This short routine is great in the mornings or before bed. It also works great at the end of a heavy lifting session.

1. Side knee-ups (or knee-ins) 3 sets. 10-15 reps per side.

2. Russian twists 3 sets. 25-30 reps.

3. V-ups 3 sets. 15-20 reps.

Don’t forget

A good ab workout is a great way to contribute to building a solid pair of abs but in order to get the six-pack you dream of your going to need a full routine and clean diet.

I recommend you follow my full free program. 12weeks2shred for the best results.

Good luck and happy shredding!


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