These protein shakes are designed to supplement a full meal. It’s important to understand that these are not designed to replace an existing meal. The idea is that you use these daily to add an extra meal to your diet. If you’re working out hard but struggling to put on weight then I highly recommend using a weight gain shake. However with so many brands out there it’s really hard to choose a good shake that you can trust.

It’s really important to make sure that your weight gain shake is made up from a good source of complex carbohydrates otherwise you risk putting on a lot of fat and no-one wants that! The cheaper brands tend to bulk up the calories using sugar and they are the ones you really want to avoid. Below are the three weight gain shakes that I have used and switched between over the years which I would hands down recommend over any other brands. They all contain a great source of carbs and I’ve managed to maintain my abs while using them twice a day.

1. kinetica oat gain

Kinetica’s oat gain shake is hands down the nicest weight gain shake I’ve ever tasted. When it comes to weight gain shakes the most important thing is to check the carbohydrate sources. Many cheaper brands bump up the carbs and calories with sugar but oat gain gets it’s carbs in from oats, which is perfect if your looking for a good clean weight gain shake.

At over 630 calories With 45 grams of protein and 78 grams of carbs per serving this weight gain shake is the perfect way to add an extra healthy meal to your diet. It also contains a healthy source of coconut oil fat and lots of extra vitamins making it the complete package.

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At a whopping 600 calories and 44gs of protein when mixed milk. Hard gainer extreme from Myprotein is the best value for money if your looking for a good, clean weight gain shake.

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3. Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

The pro complex gainer is another great, fat safe choice for your weight gain shake. As the name suggests it benefits from the use of complex carbs and low sugar which is exactly what you want in a weight gain shake. It also has a huge amount of protein per serving of 60 grams. This was actully the first weight gain shake I ever tried and along with a solid diet it really helped me out.

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If you’re new to protein shakes and buying your first powder then make sure you pick yourself up a protein shaker. This will make mixing up your shakes a lot faster. What makes these great is that they come with a little grate at the top, or some, a metal ball so when you shake them up it helps to mix all the powder up quickly.

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