BodyMax CF330 Premium Weight Bench review

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Homeshredded score

The CF330 Premium weight bench receives a Homeshredded score of Awesome for it’s high quality design and wide variety of attachments. See the full review below.


A good weights bench is one of the key components to a great home gym set-up. The Bodymax CF330 goes beyond the normal functions of a weights bench by it’s clever use of attachments. It all comes together in one well put together compact package.

1 year hands on review

If you follow me on youtube then you might recognise this bench. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now and it’s been put to good use! With almost 2 years of solid regular use here’s my full hands on comprehensive and honest review.

The design

At first glance the CF330 looks like a very complicated bench with lots of functions. But behind all the extras attachments is a simple well designed solid bench. The attachments can be removed if all your looking for is a basic bench with the attachments available when needed.

With its wide large legs at the front and rubber grips this bench is very stable and holds well in place when performing even the more physical exercises.


Out of the box the CF330 comes with a easy to follow set of instructions and is not too complicated to put together.

Adjustable levels

This bench is fully adjustable. It can be lowered to a decline position, a flat position, then various levels of incline all the way up to a seated position.

The levels are adjusted using a red lever as seen below in the picture. A nice feature with this red lever is that once you’ve set the height you can make it even more secure by turning and tightening it.

Build quality

As to be expected with Bodymax products the build quality here is excellent. I originally purchased my CF330 to replace a cheap unstable bench from my original gym.

The first thing that stood out to me in comparison to my old bench was the thick heavy metal frame. This looks and feels extremely solid and strong.

In total the bench weighs 36kgs and has a recommended user weight of 180kg, making this a heavy duty bench.


One of the best parts about this bench is its extra attachments which allow you to do some exercises you’d not normally be able to do at home.

Leg extension attachment

The leg extension attachment works very well. Using a set of weight plates you can re-create the traditional leg extension machine at home… and it feels surprisingly good!

There’s also a second pad above which can be used for hamstring curls meaning you can perform these two great isolation exercises with weights at home.

At the very bottom is a spot where you can load on plates, There’s enough room to add on a good amount of weight if you have some 15-20kg discs.

As standard the bench comes equipped with a 2″ bar for use with Olympic plates. However, the black sleeve can be removed leaving a 1″ bar for use with regular plates.

Arm / Preacher curl attachment

This bench also comes with a nice and large padded preacher curl attachment. It even comes equipped with a handle meaning you can use the weight plates below if you don’t have any dumbbells or a bar.

The padded attachment can be swapped in and out easily using the second red lever near the back of the front of the bench. By pulling on the lever you can slot the pad in and choose from a selection of heights. It’s a great extra feature to be able to raise and lower the pad once it’s in place.

So there we have it! A great, solid bench with lots of great attachments and features. As a owner of this bench myself it’s my recommended pick for anyone looking to build there own small home gym.

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