Bodymax CF475 Heavy Power Rack review

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The power rack is a very great addition to any home gym. Often the core of the gym, it is important to make sure you find the a power rack that is stable, sturdy and most importantly safe. Does the Bodymax CF475 live up to the hype and tick all the boxes plus more? Find out in my full almost 2 year hands on review.

First impressions

The CF475 sits tall and menacing with it’s heavy duty steel frame. The first thing I did after setting mine up was try to give it a shake and shove and to my surprise it was incredibly sturdy. Grabbing the pull up bars and pulling myself up and down the power rack stayed firm.


Out the box the power rack comes with a full set of assembly instructions. We did not find it too hard to follow and managed to get the rack up and ready in under an hour. I would recommend two people if possible due to it’s large and heavy parts.

The design

Lets take a look at the design. Visually at first look this power rack is supurb. The thick solid steel frame is finished with a powder coating giving it a premium and expensive feel. Each of the 4 pillars of the frame contains holes from top to bottom giving you a great selection of choices to mount the bar handles and safety bars. Once you’ve chosen where to place the bar handles the power rack can support a large 7ft bar. Set the handles high for squats or low for chest press. You can even set them on the outside of the frame for exercises such as the barbell shoulder press.

Safety features

On top of it’s strong and stable structure this power rack features more great safety features. One of the best things about this power rack is it’s strong safety bars. Using the holes down the 4 pillars you are able to add thick bars down each side at a wide selection of heights. These bars then function as a safety net. For example if you were performing chest press and you dropped the bar, rather than land on your chest, these bars will take all the impact and protect you. This allows your to push yourself without fear and try to move up onto heavy weights. See the example below.

Size and messurements

This is an important part I wanted to make sure was included in the review. When I purchased this power rack I spent lots of time researching online to see if it would fit in my small room. So lets take a look at the total messurements.

The highest point of this power rack is 215cm, this is including the extra cable lat pulldown attachment. The highest point is actually the very top of the pull up bar where it arches up at the front.

As seen below the side bars total at 117cm

The space between seen below is 85cm

Below you can see the total space it takes up. Graphic represents top view.

There’s also plenty of space inside the power rack. I set up my bench inside when performing dumbbell presses, and there’s even enough space to perform dumbbell flys.

build quality

The build quality here is spot on. As mentioned above this power rack is heavy duty and has a nice premium, sturdy feel but lets go into more detail and take a look at some close up pictures.

Extra addons

Another great feature for this power rack is the option to add extra attachments. Let’s look at these below:

Dip Attachment

By buying the optional extra dip attachment bars you can turn this power rack into a dip station on demand. The dip bars slot directly into the safety bars. This means you can add the drip bars at any height. You can even adjust the width between a wider and closer grip.

Cable Pulley system Attachment

The cable pulley attachment is a great feature of the CF475 if your able to pick one up. It slots directly on the back of the power rack and the two fit together perfectly as one. With the cable system you have two spots to attach grips. It’s marketed by Bodymax primary as a lat pulldown attachment but with cable ends at both the top and bottom, your able to perform so many different extra execises.

The cable attachment comes with two handles. A big lat pulldown bar and a smaller. The cable system comes with space for weight plates to be placed on each side, allowing you to add a good amount of resistance. The cable pulley system works well and mine seems to be doing well after almost 2 years of use.

Weights stack

There’s also an option to add a weights stack if your looking for a more speedy and easy to swap setup.

Cable attachment handles

The seated row handle is a great extra to have. It can be used to perform seated rows by using the bottom cable end on the power rack. This bar can also be used for lat pulldowns. By using the lower grip it hits the biceps more but also the lats.

If you pick up the extra cable pulley system here’s some great attachment handles to get the most out of it.

Single handle

Seated row handle

Tricep rope

A great attachment for building the tricep. By using the rope your able to add extra range of motion to pull downs by pulling your triceps further down and out as you reach the bottom of each rep.

There we have it guys! That’s the full review of the Bodymax CF475 power rack. If you have any questions or own one of these yourself then make a comment below!

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