Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar review

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Homeshredded score

The Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar receives a Homeshredded score of Awesome for it’s brilliant value for money and high quality against competitor bars.

Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar review 2016

If your looking for a good quality olympic E-Z bar then the the Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

A solid E-Z is a great addition to any home gym. The advantage of using a E-Z bar over a regular bar is the it’s unique curved shape. The curved shape is designed so that the arms are in more of a natural positions when performing exercises such as arm curls. This more natural grip is much more comfortable. It takes the strain off your wrists and eliminates the risks of wrist pain and injury.

The design

The Bodymax Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar has a simple a sophisticated design. The bar is shaped as one of the less extreme curved E-Z bars but feels great when performing curls. There is two curved grips. One for close grip and the more popular wide grip.

Build quality

For its low price the build quality here is fantastic. I’ve had my bar now for almost a year and it’s still going strong. It’s nice and chunky and feels strong. I used my combined with the rubber coasted weight discs and it makes no noise at all.

Here’s some close up pictures of mine. Still going strong after over a year of regular use.

Buying the bar seperatly

There are a number of good advantages to buying a separate bar over fixed weight bars. The first advantage is of course the ability to change the weight for different exercises or as you advance and develop more strength. Another advantage is being able to strip the bar down for easy storage. If you don’t have much space and your looking for a slim and streamline bar to occasionally use for a good pump at home then this, paired with some good weight discs is perfect.

Going Olympic

This is an olympic bar which means your going to need some olympic discs. There are some great advantages in moving over to olympic weights. You can read about the difference between olympic and standard bars here.

Extras to go with your E-Z bar

If your ready to take the plunge and buy your first E-Z bar then there’s a few extra bits you will need if you don’t have them already.

Olympic Spring Collars

These will be required to secure the weight discs on each end.

Olympic weight plates

A good pair of weight discs is essential. I recommended the high quality rubber coated ones from Bodymax as seen below.

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