Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells

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Homeshredded score

    • Well made and long lasting
    • Comfortable shape and grip
    • 12 weights to choose from
    • Can be used just like normal dumbbells without having to modify any exercises
    • Extra stand is very expensive although not essential
    • May need to add some WD40 to loosen them up once a year. (works great and is not a big deal at all really)
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Bodymax adjustable dumbbells review 2016

A pair of adjustable dumbbells can be an excellent addition to any home gym set up. With just one pair of these you can have the equivalent of a full commercial rack of dumbbells in a small space in the corner of your room for just a fraction of the price.

But with so many choices and different versions out there what’s the best adjustable dumbbell? In this review I look at the Bodymax adjustable dumbbells and see how they stack up against other leading brands.

2 year hands on review

If you followed any of my workouts or youtube videos you will notice that in every workout I almost always have my trusty pair of Bodymax adjustable dumbbells in hand. These have been with me since the beginning when I first decided to convert a small spare room in my home into a little gym. You can read my full story here

Having spent over 2 years using a pair of these extensively on a daily basis I’m able to share with you my full comprehensive, honest review.

The design

The Bodymax adjustable dumbbells have a great modern looking design. They will look slick and futuristic sat in the corner of any home gym. With an impressive weight range of 5kg all the way up to 32.5kg per dumbbell, for what you get they can be considered quite the bargain.

At first glance you can see that a lot of care and effort has gone into the design to give these the iconic look and feel of a pair of regular dumbbells with a modern twist. Each dumbbell comes with a solid base and can easily be slotted in and out with ease. This clever designed base then holds the weights in place based on the selection wheel to give you the correct weighted dumbbell when you pick it up from it’s base.

The grip on each dumbbell benefits from a surprisingly soft and comfortable handle, much nicer than other dumbbells I have tried. If you like to wear gloves you might find you don’t need to use them any more with these.

How they work

If your not familiar with mechanical adjustable dumbbells it can sometimes be confusing online to read how these work exactly.

For the Bodymax adjustable dumbbells, each dumbbell has a selection wheel on the side. When the dumbbell is placed securely in the base, using the wheel you rotate and select from a wide range of weights. Holding down the red button then releases the dumbbell from it’s base and as you lift it up it leaves the necessary plates behind to create the weight selected with the wheel.

weight range

The Bodymax adjustable dumbbells have an impressive weight range and can easily be adjusted and swapped as shown in the image above.

Starting from as light as 5kg per dumbbell, they can be adjusted all the way up to a respectable 32.5kg per dumbbell. Using the selection wheel, the weights go up in small increments of 2.5kg just like a large dumbbell rack in a commercial gym. This means that your able to challenge yourself as you get stronger by increasing the weight by a small amount each time and progress at a good pace.

In the diagram below I have broken down all of the weights available with the Bodymax adjustable dumbbells so you can see exactly how much your getting for your money.

Build quality

I’m a big fan of the bodymax home fitness range. From my experience everything I’ve tested from them has been solid and brilliant quality for the price and these dumbbells are no exception.

The bar and handle has a nice smooth finish and feels great even when lifting the heaviest weight. The weight plates are solid metal and attractive and nicely finished.

The Bowflex dumbbells are perhaps the most well known mechanical dumbbell. The Bowflex range is often criticised for it’s use of plastic in the plates. Many people online have had knocks and accidents and have reported damage to there dumbbells.

The Bodymax selectable dumbbells seem to be much more durable than the Bowflex. I’ve used my pair now for over 2 years and they feel and work exactly like they did the day I bought them. They get used almost every workout so have taken quite a lot of abuse. I’ve had a few accidents and hit them quite hard by mistake on the bars of my power rack and I’ve never had an problems.

Bodymax adjustable dumbbells vs bowflex vs powerblock

The three major players in the uk for adjustable dumbbells right now seem to be the Bodymax, the Bowflex and the Powerblocks.

So how does the Bodymax stack up against the other two? The bodymax beats the Bowflex in it’s build quality and durability hands down. Both the Bodymax and Bowflex are designed to feel and work just like regular dumbbells while the Powerblocks have a very unique design. With the Powerblocks adjustments need to be made to perform some exercises in order to accommodate the large block shape, while with the bodymax dumbbells you can perform every standard dumbbell exercise without having to perform any modified movements.

This puts the bodymax dumbbells in the lead and my recommended pick if your looking to add a pair of adjustable dumbbells to your home gym.

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