The words “home gym” at first glance can sound very expensive. When we say home gym the first thing that usually comes to mind is a large room, garage or outbuilding filled with lots of equipment which costs a fortune.

But when we say “home gym” what we really mean is your “home workout space”. This workout space might not even be it’s own room. A workout space can be something as simple as a few weights and a bench in the corner of your bedroom of living room.

With the right workouts something as small as just a bench and a quality set of dumbbells can easily get you the same results as a full open gym. Just think about it. Spending 100-400 pounds on some high quality home gym equipment might sound expensive but imagine if you used this equipment for a year instead of paying a gym membership of upto 40-50 pounds per month. In the long run you’re going to save thousands.

And the best part about it is as you start to get more and more into the convenience of working out at home you’re going to be able to use a fraction of those savings to slowly add more equipment to your workout space. It’s really exciting buying new equipment over time and adds that extra bit of motivation you might find yourself sometimes needing.

So lets get started! On the next page I will talk about how you can maximise both a small and large space to create the ultimate workout area in your home.

How much space do I need for a home gym?

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