Cheap Ebay Hex Dumbbells review

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If you’ve been looking on eBay or the Amazon market place for a cheap set of dumbbells then you might have come across these. These dumbbells look almost exactly the same as some of the leading brands but are almost half the price. There seems to be lots of suppliers and different versions of these dumbbells. I’m not sure if there’s a difference in quality but the exact ones I ordered were from TNP (linked above under the score)

This was more than enough to catch my eye so I decided to gamble and purchase a set of 30kgs so I could give you guys a full hands on review. So are they worth it?

First impressions

I purchased mine through the Amazon marketplace so the process was a breeze. Within just a couple of days I saw a delivery man outside my door struggling to carry 2 well packed separate boxes. The dumbbells were packed and protected well and looked and felt great when I took them out of the packaging.

The 30kg weight I ordered was perfect. Nice and solid with a thick sturdy handle. So far so good!


Below are some raw pictures taken with my camera so you can see the quality of these dumbbells.

in use

I decided to try out a chest press to see how these dumbbells stack up with the ones you find at commercial gyms. The hex shape with the thick rubber coating was great for resting the dumbbells on my legs in the starting position. When performing the exercise the dumbbell was firm and solid, it felt just like a high quality dumbbell. Very impressive.

If your looking for a cheap but high quality set of dumbbells then these are perfect. You could save a lot of money buying these individually at there current price.

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