Over the past years creatine has become increasingly popular amongst athletes and body builders. Usually consumed in powder form with water, creatine is used to help contribute to increase our body’s ability to produce fast and rapid energy.

What does creatine do?

Creatine is best known for its effectiveness for helping the body retain more water. This is often favoured among body builders because it can help to enhance a bulkier appearance in the muscles. What happens is, it pulls the water into the cells of your muscles, which in hand improves protein synthesis.

Creatine is also know to help increase energy levels. This is achieved by aiding our muscles to contract more, which can result increased levels of strength and extra repetitions during resistance training

What is creatine?

Creatine is known as an amino acid that is naturally produced by our bodies. This takes place primarily in our kidneys and liver. Think of amino acids as the building blocks for protein.

Where does creatine come from?

Creatine comes from a number of sources. It is often found in meats such as steak and fish.

How much creatine should I take?

The easiest way to take creatine is to used a powder. It’s recommended that we take 3-5g of creatine a day. I mix 5g of powder into a small cup of water and drink it down usually 1 hour before my workout.

Decided to add creatine into your supplement routine?
Over the years I’ve tried and tested various creatine products but the best value for money I’ve come across here in the uk is the powdered creatine monohydrate from the guys at myprotein.com. The best part about this particular pouch is that it comes with a mini 5g scoop so you don’t have to worry about making sure your taking the right amount. I remember in the past struggling to make sure I had the right amount using a small teaspoon, thankfully those day are over!

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