Door frame pull-up bars

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Door frame pull up bars are a brillant, cheap and easy way to turn your humble door frame into a muscle building pull up station. On this page we’re going to go through the different types of pull up bars available and how they work.

Types of pull up bars to avoid

Telescopic Door frame Pull Up Bars

If you’ve been browsing through door frame pull up bars you might have come across a few that look like this above. These work by essentially wedging a bar between your door. Now I’m sure there’s some people out there that use these and have no problems but I myself have heard far too many horror stories of them giving way not only causing injury but also damaging the door frame. I recommend you stay clear of this type. For the same price you can get the safe and reliable over the door pull up bar.

My recommended door frame pull up bar

Over the Door Pull Up Bar

A good quality over the door frame pull up bar is your best option if your looking for a cheap and safe way to perform pull ups at home.

How does it work?

See the diagrams below on how these pull up bars attatch to your door and hold your weight.

How much weight can it take safely?

As seen in the side view diagram. The main force is taken in the centre of the door frame between the front and the back. Because the way the force in pinned between the two bars they can take a surpisingly high amount of weight. A heavy duty bar is claimed to support upto 130kg however I would recommend upto 100kg.

Will it damage my door?

A good quality pull up bar should have protection in place using plastic outer casing. I’ve tried and tested and used there and never had a problem with damage to my door. So you should hopefully have no problem!

If your looking for a good, safe pull up bar for a great price I recommend the one below.

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