If you’re just starting to cook or returning to the kitchen one of the first things you should do is make sure your fully stocked with these basic pieces of equipment. They are all cheap and widely available. Having the right tool for the job will not only save you time, but also make cooking more of a pleasure. I’ve took the time to find the best available at a low price on amazon so if you’re a new cook this is the perfect basket to get your kitchen started!

These are basic staples. See my kitchen time saver page for my favourite time saving gadgets here.

Frying pan

A good quality frying pan is a must. You want to find a frying pan the right size for your hob. Look for a frying pan with a good quality frying surface. A good quality frying pan will last for years so it is a smart investment as one of your most used tools. For great value and quality I recommend the Tefal twin pack. Having a second smaller frying pan is really useful for some recipes and the small pan is perfect for omelettes. You can buy the set here on Amazon.

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Trusty wok

My work is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. You will see it in a lot of my recipe videos. I find it’s great for frying but also great for sauces as it’s deep and there’s plenty of space. I’ve had my wok for years now and it’s still working great! These things last for centuries and a good one with become your trusty friend in the kitchen.

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Saucepans (with lids)

Any aspiring cook needs a good selection of sauce pans of various sizes. What you need is a medium to largish size saucepan for boiling pasta/potatoes etc then it’s really useful to have some smaller saucepans for boiling vegetables sides etc. It’s important to find saucepans that come with lids. By adding the lid you can add steam to the cooking process. This makes cooking potatoes much faster for example.

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Wooden spoons

Ah the trusty wooden spoon. Perfect for stirring and mixing and will never scratch your pots and pans!
Cheap at cheery at 2.99 on Amazon for a great set of three!

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Potato masher

A great time saver. You can mash potatoes directly in the pot.
With almost 300 five star reviews this is the best masher for the job!

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Speed peeler

A great little device. Not only amazing for peeling vegetables, this can also be used to ribbon vegetables into thin strips for salads.
At £5 you can’t go wrong with over 1300 5 star happy peelers!

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A really handy tool for shredding, grating and zesting.

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Measuring jug

It’s important to have a good measuring jug when following recipes. I use mine all the time for mixing stock cubes, I even use it to beat my eggs as it’s got a great handle for pouring to make an omelette or mix.

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Set of knives

It’s really easily now to pick up a good quality set of knives that can use for almost everything. I’ve tried to find the best knife block for the lowest price. You don’t need to spend a fortune these days.

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Got any favourites of your own? Scroll down and share in the comments section!

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