Glutamine is another supplement that’s raised in popularity over the recent years. It’s best known for it’s ability to increase energy levels and to heal recover quickly from workouts and injuries.

What does Glutamine do?

Glutamine works with our bodies immune system. It boosts our defensive barrier, helping us recover quicker for exercise and even injuries.

Glutamine contributes to the process of flushing out all of the waste from our bodies system. Having waste in our system can result in our bodying performing more slow and sluggish. So by taking glutamine and enhancing the body’s ability to flush out these wastes. we are able to notice an increase in performance.

Where does Glutamine come from?

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acids in our bodies. We produce Amino acids all around our bodies. These are used to maintain and keep us in our best shape. They are used as the building blocks for protein.

What’s the best way to take Glutamine?

Glutamine supplements can be found in powder form. You can add a small amount to your protein shake or drink it independently in a small glass mixed with water.

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