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Follow the creator of Homeshredded and home gym enthusiast Adam as he logs in personal workout progress. Take a look into his life, his home workouts, nutrition, motivation and lot’s more! Read Adam’s story here.

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POST 2: Goals and achievements

With the holidays coming and the new year almost here, I thought it would be a perfect time to look back at the goals we set last year and see how we’ve done.

Last year was a very exciting time for me. In November, I was hard at work building the base of what became was nothing but an empty domain name and dozens of word documents all typed up on my computer. The website was a vision in my head, which became a massive goal for 2016. Every time I worked out, I was thinking about Homeshredded. I was running ideas in my head of how I could build a website that could inspire and help people. As I trained, I watched my body changing. I felt pride at what I had achieved and it was very emotional when writing my story, as it really bought to home just how much fitness had changed my life. I wanted to go back in time and talk to my former self.

I see my former self in a lot of my readers here that have been in touch with me. Helping you guys out is like going back in time and talking to myself. I want to fill you all with the knowledge and motivation to achieve all your goals – just like I did. I’m not special: I’m just a normal guy. If anything, I was quite lazy growing up. I let my disadvantages in life create excuses to avoid doing the important things to keep myself healthy.

This all changed when I started the Homeshredded lifestyle. If you’re stuck with the same fate, I promise you, things can change. As January hit, my vision was finally starting to come to life. I started to build the branding and structure to the website. The biggest challenge was finding a way to present all of the pages of information in an easy to navigate and informative way.

After various hours of experimenting with different designs and concepts, I came up with the website you see here today. Then it was time to create what has come to be the core and most popular part of the website. The 12weeks2shred program.


Coming up with the structure and exercises for the program was easy. The program is built by using the exact same routine and exercises I used myself for my transformation so everything was already in place. The true challenge was presenting the program in a way which was to easy to follow.

I also wanted to make sure that I could share my own success with the program. Not only to promote it’s authenticity, but to motivate you all to give it a shot and stick to it. There’s an old saying in the fitness industry – simply put: “Trust the program and you will be ok”.

So, with the homeshreded program underway, I decided to start experimenting with ways to film videos. I shot all my videos using a basic Sony action camera and a tripod. I took a full week of my workouts and shot myself performing all of the exercises from different angles. After each set, I would run over and set up a new camera angle. It was absolutely exhausting but so much fun.

Then suddenly, I had a big library of videos and a website slowly building up page by page. With lots of continued hard work, all of these became what you see today. If you’ve not seen the 12weeks2shred program yet you can view it here.

So what are my goals for 2017 so far?

2017 is going to be an exciting year for Homeshredded.


I’m going to be bringing lots of new videos to the website and the YouTube channel. The first goal is going to be to work my way through all of my favourite gym equipment and create a video review, just like the Bodymax Adjustable Dumbbells review, for every single one of them.

Celebrity workouts

My second goal is launch a new exciting section on the website that I’ve been working on. This section is going to be called Celebrity workouts. As you may have guessed from the name, we’re going to be looking at the workouts celebrity undergo for epic transformations to prepare for movie roles. What about Dwayne Johnson’s arm workout? It’s coming here to Homeshredded.

Also, we are going to look at a slightly different take on these workouts. Not only am I going to share with you the latest film transformation workouts, I’m also going to create a modified version of each workout so you can perform it at home.


Have you heard of the ‘push-pull-split’? Popular back in the 80s, it’s starting to make a comeback. Starting from January, I will be starting my very own ‘push-pull-split’ workout that I have been working on for Homeshredded. This is going to be a big routine designed for advanced lifters that have been running the 12weeks2shred and are looking for a big, new and exciting challenge.

Because of the ‘push-pull-split’, this workout is going to allow us to hit every muscle group twice a week!

You will have to wait for the routine to arrive at Homeshredded but you can follow my progress with it here. I will be trialing the routine starting from January and sharing my progress and results with you right here on the blog. Then, once I’ve fully tested it, I will launch the full routine live – here on Homeshredded.

So there we go guys! Lots of exciting things to come for 2017.

What goals does everyone have so far for 2017? As January draws near, I will be sharing with you all my more detailed fitness goals, including my weight goals and diet.