I’ve found meal prepping is hands down the most effective and easy way build and stick to a healthy diet for most people. But what do we mean exactly by meal prepping?

How it works

Every Sunday you cook a large batch of food for the week. Using plastic containers we divide up all the food into portions which we eat at allocated times of the day all week.

Each meal contains a good mixture of Protein, a complex carb source, vegetables and a source to taste.

This is an excellent way to stick to your diet. You will feel discourgaged to cheat or skip meals because everything is ready and available a walk away from the fridge. People with busy schedules can also travel and bring their meals with them.

This is also the cheapest way to eat healthy because we are cooking in large bulks. You know exactly how much you’ve spent from your food budget right at the start of the week.

You can also use this time to prepare snacks for the week too, such as my healthy cakes. (click here for the recipe).

Meal prepping pick and mix

When most people describe meal prepping they make it sound like a really boring and mundane diet of eating the same meal over and over. This is true to some parts but it does not have to be! There’s so many alternatives and ways to mix up to create different meals for each day while meal prepping.

Below I’ve created a pick and mix table. Use the table to choose one from each row to build your own favourite combinations. For vegetables you can add more than one if you like, the more the better!

It’s always good to mix it up and eat a nice variety.


Well thats our main meals out of the way but what about our snacks? It’s important to eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep yourself going. Click here to see my guide to snacks for muscle building.