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HomeShredded is your number one source for discovering how to unleash your inner beast and get into the best shape of your life at home, without having to join the gym. Here you will find everything you need from high intensity fast effective workouts, equipment advice and reviews, nutrition and supplement guides, and even some delicious healthy recipes that will leave you stunned on how nutritious yet tasty they are!

ALL of the content on this website is written by myself and FREE for everyone. The aim of this website is to provide people of all levels with genuine down to earth fitnessness advice from someone that has a true passion for health and fitness. To learn more about me and my story of how fitness completely turned my life around click the link below.

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Here you will find our full workout routines which can be done at home.

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Here you will find equipment reviews, guides for building in large and small spaces.

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Here you will find dieting guides, reviews of the latest supplements and tasty recipes.

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Working out at home is a great, convenient and affordable way to get into great shape!

Can you get a great body working out at home? Most defiantly! I have found that I make far better progress at home, free from the social distractions and sometimes waiting to use equipment. At home you are able to zone out and fully focus on your workout. Even with just a few basic pieces of equipment and a small amount of space it’s possible to build an amazing physique.

You will also save a huge amount of time working out at home. The average gym goer spends approximately 10-20 minutes driving to the gym and up to 5 minutes preparing (swiping card, finding a locker etc). Times that by two and you looking at a time saving of up to 50 minutes per workout.


Hello, my name is Adam and I am the creator of Homeshredded.
I am just a normal, friendly down to earth guy who loves fitness and wants to share my story with the world.

The fitness world can be an intimidating place. With so many resources around the world competing with each other it’s really easy to loose sight of the basics. It really does not have to be complicated.
When I first got into fitness there was a whole library of resources in front of me at a click of a button. Articles and books filled with complicated words you would never hear in a conversation, long and scientific explanations for the simplest things.

Here at Homeshredded I want to strip away all of the complexity and confusion of working out. Working out can be simple and fun. If there’s one thing athletes from generation to generation have passed down it’s the pure fact that the basics always work. If your willing to put the time and the effort in and stick to a solid routine you are guaranteed the results you deserve. Homeshredded is and always will be a completely free website for everyone. This website is a result of my hobby and a labour of love.

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Before starting any workout programme we must first remind ourself of the 4 basic fundamentals to a healthy and progressive lifestyle.

“Muscles are built from the workout but they are grown while we sleep and rest.”

Train hard
Always push yourself! Set goals and surpass them. Challenge not only your body but also your mind. Remember every part of your workout is one step closer to your achieving you goal. To get the best and quickest results you should always take each exercise to complete failure. Don’t let your mind trick you and always push past the mental barriers. There’s always an extra bit of fuel in the tank which your mind will try to hide. Defeat this mental barrier and give it everything!

Eat right
Eating a clean boring diet is a thing of the past. We live in a day and age with the internet where thousands of healthy recipes are just a click away. Make your food interesting. It should not be a diet but a life choice to eat healthy meals. There are also now an amazing range of supplements available which not only give great results, they also taste great too!

Train right
It’s important to have a solid structured routine which will always challenge you. On this website you will find routines from beginner to intermediate. If following a regular workout routine it’s important that it’s structured so that while you are working one part of the body the other is resting and recovering. We call this a split based routine. For example on Monday I will workout my chest muscles then on Tuesday while they are recovering I will workout my back muscles. By having a structured routine which organises the muscles groups we are able more and gain results much faster.

Sleep right
Sleeping is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle which should not be forgotten. After all that hard work out body needs to rest and recover. During our workouts we are breaking down the muscle fibres and taking our bodies to the limit. We do this so that they grow back bigger and stronger. This process happens when we sleep.
Many people new to fitness make the same mistake of not resting enough. Always remember:


Are you feeling inspired and looking to change your life? Many of us have the passion and commitment but we have no idea how to begin. The internet is a great resource but there is so much complicated and confusing information. Here you will find the complete basics and everything you need to know to be successful.

I have put together a selection of “starter packs” tailored to individual goals. Each pack contains a full workout program with advice. A selections of recommended supplements and a full diet guide including tasty and nutritious recipes that are easy to make but also quick and most importantly… affordable for anyone!

Starter packs

Weight loss pack
Muscle building pack