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Hi guys, In this section of the website I really wanted to post my views on dieting and cover all the things I wish I knew when I first started out. There’s so much conflicting information online about what you need to eat and also avoid so I thought I’d put together a down to earth beginners guide to dieting and eating a healthy diet.

The truth is, if you want to lose a lot of weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, yes sacrifices will have to be made with some of your guilty pleasures but this does not mean you can’t still enjoy some really good food.

There’s a massive misconception that to get your dream body and maintain it that you need to eat a hardscore strict repetitive diet.

If you go on a strict diet and eat the same mundane diet of vegetables and salads then eventually you’re going to relapse and give up and you’re more likely to dive straight into the comforting junk food. The key to success is to enjoy your new healthy food! If it does not taste good then don’t eat it, find something else healthy that you enjoy. There’s so many delicious and easy to cook healthy recipes out there. You can find lots on this website here

The Healthy lifestyle “Diet”

What I always try to recommend is to newcomers is to create a healthy lifestyle with your food choices rather than form a strict diet that eventually may drive you insane. So what is a healthy lifestyle diet?

A healthy lifestyle is about building up a basic knowledge of food and nutrition. Knowing all of the good things your body needs but to also be aware of the bad things that you don’t need to completely avoid. You need to understand how much to have of them without it affecting your weight or your goals. The bad foods can be good in moderation, Infact! The pleasure in enjoying the things we love releases endorphins filling us with happiness which is great mentally for a healthy lifestyle.

In this section of the site I’m going to teach you the basics of what you need to know to make the right decisions so that you can enjoy your food just as much as before. By mixing the goods and bads in moderation you will never have to worry or feel guilty about your food choices again!

Onto nutrition basics

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