Almost everyone should be familiar with the pull up. It’s considered one of the best overall exercises for developing the upper back and creating that desired V-shaped upper body. The great thing about the pull up too is that it’s also one of the best exercises for putting quality size onto your biceps.

So how do you perform pull ups at home? Luckily these days it’s easy to set up a safe way to do pull ups at home. The key here is safety. Don’t be the guy that tried to do pull ups in his bedroom using his bed, a ladder and an open door? Wait what? No I’m not kidding!

Ouch! Ok so now that you know how to not do pull ups at home lets look at some of the safe options we have to set up our very own pull up station.

1. Power rack

If your looking to build a serious home gym then your evnetually going to want to get yourself a good power rack. All good power racks come with set pull up bar attachments at the top. If your power rack is nice and sturdy then this is a great way to do pull ups at home. You can ready more about the power rack and also my recommendation and reviews by clicking here!

2. Door frame pull up bar

Door frame pull up bars are great! They are a really cheap and easy way to set yourself up for pull ups at home. All you need is a clear doorway and you can usually find a good quality bar for under £20. Even for the casual Homeshredders this is an essential piece of equipment. You can view my guide to pull up bars by clicking here!

3. Go outside

Whether it’s your old swing frame in the garden or at the local park there’s lots of things you can find out there that are perfectly stable and safe for performing pull ups! Just make sure your not trespassing!

4. Build your own

If your good with your hands and confident you could try and construct your own. I’ve not tried this myself but there’s plenty of great resources online for those who like to do things themself.

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