Interlocking gym floor tiles review

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If your looking to build a home gym or even create just a small workout space it’s a good idea to get some protection for your floor.

Or perhaps your looking to use some space in your garage and you need something more comfortable to cover the raw concrete. Which ever one it is these floor tiles are a great solution.

How do they work?

These tiles are designed so that you can create a floor surface covering any area you need. The great part about these is that because they are tiles you can easily add more if your looking to build a bigger area or even reduce it.

Each tile is 24″ (61cm) by 24″ (61cm) and 12mm’s thick.

Each tile comes with 2 straight edge corner pieces. These can be put around the edges of your tiles to create a nice finished straight edge once you’ve combined the tiles and built your floor.

How can they help my workouts?

These tiles also provide a great none slip comfortable surface for working out. If you have a weight bench it will sit much nicer and stable. They also just feel much nicer to walk and move around on.

The tiles also look great and add a good professional look to your workout space, inspiring you to workout.

Will they protect my floor from deadlifting?

Unfortunately I can’t recommend using these alone as floor protection for heavy deadlifting. If your going to be lifting a dropping a heavy barbell straight onto the floor your going to need some serious support. These add a great level of protection to your floor but when it comes to big deadlifts your better off looking into building a deadlifting plank or surface.

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