Is it true that you burn more fat if you do cardio in the morning?

There’s often a large debate online about the effectiveness of cardio in the morning as opposed to later during the day. This stems from a theory that if we do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach the body is going to burn down more stored fat from our bodies to use as energy because it does not have easy access to all of those carbohydrates and food we’ve consumed during the day. I’m a fan of this theory myself and have seen it work great for lots of people. If I were looking to reduce my bodyfat and needed an extra boost from my regular high calorie burning workouts I would incorporate a fast and intense 10-15 minute cardio session into my routine each morning followed by a very big breakfast. I’m planning to put together some videos soon of some fast, fun and effective morning cardio blasts so keep an eye on this space.

What do you guys think about fasted morning cardio?
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