Must have basic gym equipment

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Must have basic gym equipment

Cheapest way to build muscle at home

If you don’t have a space or money for a full workout room then not to worry! Here at home shredded I want to help everyone.

On this page we’re going to run through a few basic pieces of equipment that won’t take up much space at all or break the bank. The aim of this page is to show you all of the options available. If your looking to get some more advanced equipment then take a look at the tour of my home gym.


If your looking to tone up, build muscle or even just loose some weight your going to want to get yourself some weights for resistance training. There’s lots of options available.

Spin lock Dumbbells

Cheap, cheery and great for beginners just starting out. You can pick up a basic pair of spin lock dumbbells. Use the spin locks on each side to swap out the discs to adjust the weight. As you progress I recommended upgrading to a set of mechanical adjustable dumbbells so you can start working your way up to the heavier weights.

Mechanical adjustable Dumbbells

A great space and money saver. The adjustable dumbbells allow you to pack the equivalent of a full dumbbell rack into just the corner of a room. You can read about how these work here. Now these may seem expensive but they’re going to save you a lot of money in the long run. Having the equivalent of a full rack of dumbbells sitting in the corner of your room allows you to get a great workout in whenever you want. Check out the popular 12weeks2shred home workout program to see mine in action.

The Kettlebell

These have become very popular over the last decade. This is a great space saving weight that can be used for a great all around workout at home.

resistance bands

Possibly the cheapest way to add some resistance to your workout. A resistance band cant be used for so many exercises. You can work your entire body using a good £5-10 band.

Ankle / wrist weights

A pair of ankle and wrist weights can be used to add extra resistance to any regular non weighted workout. A great cheap and compact tool to have at home.

Barbell set

These days you can easily pick up a basic starter barbell set for a good price. The barbell is great for building the biceps and chest at home although not as compact as the dumbbells. A combination of barbell and dumbbell together however is perfect for beginners looking to build muscle or tone up.


The stopwatch

Simple and basic. All you need is the start and stop function. It’s important to time your workouts and especially your resting times to get the most out of your workout. I use mine every workout to time all of my pauses and rests to keep myself on my toes.


A good mat

A good comfortable exercise mat will not only make those floor exercises much more comfortable, it’s also a great incentive to do them! Your going to want one which you can roll up and store when your not using it. I recommend the mat below. It’s soft, thick and padded and easily folds up to store away. I always get mine out for any floor or jumping exercises.

Adjustable bench

An adjustable bench is going to give you more comfort, safety and options when performing dumbbell and barbell exercises. By setting the bench at various inclines and heights, it allows you to hit your muscles from multiple angles, this burns more calories and promotes much quicker muscle growth

Building a home gym on a budget

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