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Struggling to stick to healthy home cooked meals because you don’t have the time to cook?

You’re in luck! We live in an amazing age where there’s so many neat inventions out there designed to make cooking a breeze. Some for pure convenience and others to speed things up! So this means you can make your own yummy nutritious recipes in no time.

These are my favourite time saving and helpful kitchen appliances.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker is my absolute favourite device. I use mine almost every week to prepare big batches of cooked meat and sauces. It’s not only a great time saver but it’s also a brilliant way to save money. Because the slow cooker cooks meat really slow at a low temperature… it’s the perfect way to transform a cheaper cut of meat into something soft and tender which feels like an expensive premium cut of meat. Also! Because we are cooking for long hours at a low temperature, there’s going to be so much extra flavour.

One of my favourites too with the slow cooker is it’s ability to slowly defrost and then cook meat. I always have frozen chicken breast on reserve in my freezer and some nights If I don’t have a meal planned for lunch the following day I will quickly chuck some frozen chicken breast into the slow cooker with some salsa or tomato sauce. Then in the morning I wake up to perfectly cooked pull apart chicken ready for lunch.

Below is a link to the one I own. I’ve used it weekly now for years on it’s low setting and I’ve never had a problem.

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George Foreman grill

Designed by the legendary boxer George Foreman. The Foreman grill is a classic simple little device that has filled kitchens around the world due to its really simple but effective fat reducing design. Meat is grilled from both slides and the grill at the bottom in declined so that the fat from the meat drips down off the grill and into a tray while cooking… Genius tool!

I recommend just the basic grill. It’s much cheaper and works great. I’ve gone for the larger model because it allows you to cook batches a lot easier when meal prepping.

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Mini Chopper

Food processors and blenders are a great tool to have in the kitchen. They save so much time and energy away from the chopping board. The only problem is they can be quite bulky and a bit of a pain to clean with the large parts.

The mini chopper is a great solution to this problem. With its small and practical design it’s really easy to pop away in the cupboard or it’s so small you can just leave it out. It also slides into just three pieces which are really easy to quickly clean to use again. I was absolutely thrilled when I found this handy little gadget, I always use it to quickly chop onions, chilli and anything fiddly.

So if your looking for a quick and easy way to chop an onion, vegetables etc. without having to clean a bulky food processor this is a brilliant little gadget.

I also have a fantastic recipe for a super healthy and delicious ice-cream which I like to make directly inside the mini chopper. Then I detach the small plastic bowl and eat the ice-cream directly out of it.

You can find the recipe here.

At only £15 this little gadget is a steal!

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On the go smoothie maker

We all know the amazing healthy benefits of making your own fruit smoothies.

Smoothies are a perfect start to the morning but also a great way to handle sweet cravings. This little device is perfect for mixing up your favourite smoothie. What’s great about this particular model is that compact sealable jugs are attached to the blades so once you’ve mixed up your smoothie you can detach the jug and either drink it or pop it in your bag and enjoy it later.

I like to make mine in the morning then seal them up and take them to work to use as a snack during the day.

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Got any favourites of your own? Scroll down and share in the comments section!

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