Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate

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How does it mix?
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Over the past years creatine has become increasingly popular amongst athletes and body builders. Usually consumed in powder form with water, creatine is used to help contribute to increase our body’s ability to produce fast and rapid energy. you can read more about the benefits of creatine here.

Mix and taste test

When opening up the pouch I was happy to see that Myprotein provide a mini 5g scoop. I’ve always struggled in the past using teaspoons and never quite sure if I was having exactly 5g. Sometimes just the little things make all the difference! I mixed it in with just a little bit of water in a cup. Creatine mixes well but it separates fast so you need to mix it and drink it down quickly. From all the creatines I’ve tried over the years this one mixed great and it did not really taste of anything (unflavoured option). A quick mix with spoon and one big sip and it was gone. Easy and no hassle at all 🙂

How to take it

It’s recommended to take 1 serving of 5g of creatine a day. The way I like to take mine is as mentioned above. A quick shot in a small mug. However if you want you can add it to your protein shake.

How long will it last?

A 1kg pouch for only £10 will give you a whopping 200 servings.

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