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Those of you who know me might know that I’m not really a huge fan of pre-workout supplements. I always worry that if I regularly take a pre-workout then I will become dependant on it. I decided to see what all the hype was about and give the MYPRE explosive pre-workout from myprotein a go.

Mix and taste test

I opened up the tub and it was very white and powdery, the sort of white powder that feels like it’s going to end up everywhere.. but no worries here! 🙂

I tried the sour apple flavour which tasted quite nice. It reminded me of a sour sweet or drink. It mixed well but there was lots of bubbles, almost like a carbonated drink.

Overall it was easy to mix and tasted good.

How did I react

Boy what a buzz! To say I was buzzing a couple minutes later was an understatement. I was filled with a scary amount of energy.. somewhat to the point that I was a little shaky but nothing too alarming. It was chest day and I could not wait to jump straight into my workout. I had so much energy and motivation I was literally dancing… between sets! Although not a rare occurrence for me in the home gym!

My conclusion

If your looking for a good pre-workout shake then this certainly looks like it fits the bill. I got a good months use out of mine and it was really helpful to give me the boost needed to get through many workouts after long days.

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