Adam’s personal blog 1 – An introduction

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Follow the creator of Homeshredded and home gym enthusiast Adam as he logs his personal workout progress. Take a look into his life, his home workouts, nutrition, motivation and lot’s more! Read Adam’s story here.

POST 1: An introduction to the blog

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Welcome to the first post of many in the new and exciting section on Homeshredded.
For those of you that have read my story, you know by now that I eat, breathe and sleep fitness.
Since I’ve been getting lots of emails and interest into the Homeshredded lifestyle, I decided to set up a whole section of the website here, where I will be sharing my full journey with you all.

Exciting things to come

So, what will I be sharing in my personal blog? We are going to be looking at absolutely everything from my workouts, my cooking, diet and, of course, there’s going to be lots of motivation. I will be sharing with you all of my goals and progress. Let’s build a small community here in the comments section and share all of our goals and progress together.

We have a lot of exciting things to come. As you may know, I’ve just moved home which means a brand new Homeshredded gym! The new home gym is up and running now and the extra space has been fantastic. I’m working on a new tour video as we speak; stay tuned to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!
The extra space also means lots of new videos are on the way.

Check out a sneak peek at the new Homeshredded gym below.

For the skinny guys

Homeshredded is for absolutely anyone. The workouts here are great whether your goals are to lose or gain weight. However, if you’re familiar with my own personal journey, you must know that I have a soft spot for helping guys that struggle to put on weight. Are you a hard gainer who struggles to put on muscle? Are you tired of looking at others that seem to be able to pile on tons of weight easily? Well then, you’re in luck because this place is for you! Follow my personal fitness journey here and see how I jumped from 120 pounds all the way up to a lean 185 pounds.

Honest and genuine

Homeshredded is a labour of love. I’m here to give you genuine, down to earth advice and guidance. I run this website purely on my own, from my home gym. I’m not here just to sell you something – like most of the fitness industry! It’s a pure hobby and passion. I want to help others who are in the same situation I once was in. I want to spread the word and show the ones that what may seem impossible can be achieved through a little knowledge and hard work.

So that’s it guys. I hope you will follow me on my journey. With the new year on its way, it’s going to be time soon to look back at what we’ve achieved this year. Did you beat your goals and more?

Next post, I’m going to share with you what my goals were for this year. How do you think I did? Then it’ll be time to start thinking about goals for next year!