If you want to get bigger and stronger as fast as possible you should consider looking into adding some supplements to your diet. Filled with lots of hype and misleading information, the internet can sometimes be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding honest supplement advice.

Here at homeshredded rather than follow all the hype to the latest magical products you might usually find I’m going to try my best to explain the basics of how supplements work so you can decide if they are right for you and what you need to take to enhance your diet.

What exactly is a supplement

Supplements are exactly that, a supplement to nutrients found in our foods. For our bodies to grow and function at their full potential we need a certain amount of nutrients. All of these required nutrients can be found in the foods we eat if we follow a well balanced diet or lifestyle. When it comes to building muscle or losing weight it’s extremely important that we feed our bodies with the right amount of nutrients based on our goals. With the perfect balance of these nutrients you will get much quicker results.

What supplements do is allow us to fuel our bodies with these nutrients without having to eat an extra amount of food. A supplement makes it much easier to add the extra nutrients we need to our diet. A supplement should never be a total replacement to food, it is used to enhance and add extra nutrition or in some cases an extra meal to your daily diet.

The most popular supplement is a protein shake. After a long workout our bodies need protein to recover and build stronger. The last thing you probably want to be doing after a long workout is standing in the kitchen and grilling chicken breast. A protein shake allows us to quickly get the protein into our body right after our workout. If your looking to build muscle it is essential to make sure you have a good source of protein in your system after a heavy workout to make sure you body has the nutrients it needs to recover and build bigger and stronger.

The supplement world can be quite scary place for newcomers. With so many products offering so many different things it can be really hard to find the right supplements that will help you with your goals. On the next page I’m going to list the 5 main types of supplements that have been around for decades and have proven to help assist diets reach the perfect nutrition to give faster results.

5 types of supplements to help you gain muscle faster

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