It’s really important to hit your back hard if you’re looking for the complete upper body look. Having big lats (These are the muscles just below under our arms) will not only make your upper body look bigger, it will also make your waist look slimmer creating the V style look. Here are my top back exercises to perform at home!


Pull ups are hands down one of the best back exercises. You will develop so much strength in not only your back but also your arms and biceps. The only problem with this exercise is that for beginners it can sometimes be hard to even do one pull up. Luckily there are ways around this to build up the strength. I will be making a video showing some on these techniques so be sure to keep an eye on the youtube channel, for now I will try my best to explain below.

As far as building a space at home where you can safely do pull-ups there are many options. Click here to see my quick guide to pull-ups at home.

How to perform

Normal pull-ups
Grab the bar at a nice wide grip and slowly pull yourself up to a hanging position. Breath out as you pull yourself all the way up. As you pull up your elbows should come down towards the floor. Try to push your back out slightly as you lift to add more emphasis to your lats (the back muscles below your arm pits).
If you have a low roof in your pull-up setup be carful not to hit your head. You can still perform great pull-ups by tilting back slightly as your reach the top.

Training pull-ups
Grab yourself a sturdy chair and place it below your pull-up bar. Stand on your chair and grip the bar at a nice wide grip. Pull yourself up as high as you can and take your legs away from the chair. As you hang very slowly lower yourself down till your legs reach the ground. Then jump of your chair and repeat this process as a series of reps to perform a set. This is a great way to help build up the strength needed for full pull-ups.

2. Single arm Dumbbell rows

Dumbbell rows are a great exercise for building your lats. This exercise can be performed while resting on a bench or any strong surface such as a table but it’s best performed safely on a bench when using more heavy weights. To get the most out out this exercise try and keep your whole body stationary while pulling your arm up and down slowly to really isolate the lats and biceps.

How to perform

Use a flat bench or chair. Place your knee on top of the end of the bench or your chair. Bend your body forward so your back is straight and your chest is facing the floor. Pick up the dumbbell in one hand while resting the other on the bench to stabilize yourself. Keeping your back straight in this position slowly lower the dumbbell down so it’s almost touching the floor then pull it back up. Focus on squeezing your back muscles as you pull the dumbbell back up.

3. Rear delt flys

The rear delt fly works just like the chest fly but instead you are lying down face down and moving your arms up. This works the upper inner parts of your back and shoulders really well. It’s a great exercise where you don’t need to use much weight to get a great burn.

How to perform

Lay down on an incline bench with your face looking down to the floor from the top of the incline. Hold the dumbbells down together below your head and slowly pull your arms out in the motion of opening two cupboard doors. When your arms reach the top and are flat and parallel with your back try to hold this position for a second or two. Then slowly bring your arms back down to the starting position.

4. Incline bench rows

A great exercise that can be performed with both a bar or dumbbells. This exercise hits the mid section of your back.

How to perform

Lay down on an incline bench with your face looking down to the floor from the top of the incline. Grab your dumbbells and hang them down below to the sides of your torso. Pull the dumbbells up together till they reach the level of your chest. As you pull the dumbbells up your elbows should naturally go outwards. Breath out as the dumbbells reach the top.

5. Chin-ups

This is a great exercise for hitting your lats but will also give you a great bicep pump. While working your back you will be hitting your biceps hard too as a secondary muscle with all of these exercises.

How to perform

Grip the bar with your palms facing towards yourself and slowly pull yourself up. Breath out as you reach the top and feel the muscles contract.