If you want big arms you need to make sure you hit your triceps. Many new trainers don’t realise that the tricep is actually bigger than the bicep muscle. Having big triceps will make your arms look much bigger than having big biceps. Here’s my favourite tricep exercises to make sure you are not forgetting them!

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1. Close grip tricep press

A great exercise for adding size to your triceps. Works just like the bench press but with a much closer grip and positioning of your elbows your able to put lots of emphasis onto the triceps.

How to perform

Lay down flat on a bench holding the dumbells high above your chest. The dumbbells should be close together almost touching each other. Then slowly lower the dumbbells down to your chest keeping your arms locked. Fight to keep your elbows in as you lower and raise the dumbbells back up to the starting position. Breath out as you push the dumbbells back up.

2. Dips

Dips are another great main triceps size builder. These can be performed at home using a space chair or you can use your weights bench. They are especially great if you have a dip station.

How to perform

With a dip station
If you have a dip station position your grip on the bars with both palms facing your torso. Push your body up keeping your elbows in. As you come up rather than letting the elbows come out to the sides focus on them coming back behind you as seen in the picture below. Breath out as you push your body up and feel the triceps contract.

No dip station? Not a problem!
If you don’t have a dip station dips can be performed using a bench, chair or even a water cooler. Anything that’s sturdy and around about your knees height. Position yourself in front of the bench with your hands to your sides supporting yourself. Lower yourself down with your back straight, leaving all of the tension on your arms. Breath out as you push yourself back up to the starting position with your triceps engaged.

3. Overhead extensions

The overhead extension is a great tricep exercise. It can be performed both sitting and standing.

How to perform

Grip one dumbbell with two hands. Join your two thumbs and fingers together to form the shape of a diamond around the bar resting on one side of the plates for a secure and safe grip.Hold the dumbbell high up above and behind your head. Lower the dumbbell down behind your back slowly while keeping your arm locked, only bending at the elbows. Breath out as you push the dumbbell back up and feel your triceps contract.

4. dumbbell skull crushers

I’ve always preferred using dumbbells for skull crushes. This is a great and popular exercise to isolate the triceps.

How to perform

Lay down on a flat bench or the ground with a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing each other. Slowly lower the dumbbells down to your face keeping your arms locked up to your elbows as seen in the pictures. Hold the dumbbells in front of your face for a second then slowly push them back up, breathing out as your feel your triceps contract.

5. dumbbell kickbacks

Dumbbell kickbacks are a great small exercise. You really don’t need a lot of weight for this one. I like to use it right at the end to finish of my triceps.

How to perform

Use a flat bench or chair. Place your knee on top of the end of the bench or your chair. Bend your body forward so your back is straight and your chest is facing the floor. Pick up the dumbbell in one hand while resting the other on the bench to stabilize yourself. Keep your elbow locked and kick the dumbbell back using your tricep till your arm is straight. Release and slowly let the dumbbell down to the starting position.