This small secret will get you shredded faster

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What’s ups guys! Today we are going to be talking about what I like to call the small secret weapon for getting shredded.

So what is it you may be asking? Well it’s right here on my wrist! That’s right, it’s the the humble wrist watch!

But Adam, how is a silly wrist watch going to get me shredded? 
Ah well! You’re in luck! I’m going to share with you why! This little wrist watch is going to streamline and improve every single workout you do.

Let me ask you this…
Have you ever timed your workout rest periods before? It’s so easy to accidentally fall into a pattern of resting way to long in between sets. It may surprise you but trust me, when your working out and have just finished that killer set, 2 minutes can feel like 20 seconds!

So what does this mean?
This means the chances are, your resting between sets way too long. Now if you’re training for size, usually you’re going to want to be resting between sets no longer than 1 minute. The best way I find is to rest 1 minute for big compound exercises, and 30-40 seconds for isolation exercises.

Training for bodybuilding is all about tearing down and destroying the muscles, why give them a chance to fight back? You want to knock those muscles out with a big set then just as they get back up to there feet… Bam! Your kicking them straight back down!

Now with this little watch here, your never going to miss that 1 minute rest, its going to keep you on your toes and your going to absolutely smash through your workouts.

But wait theirs more!

With small well disciplined rest periods your heart rate is going to be keeping at a high pace your entire workout, and you know what that means! More cardiovascular fitness and better yet, more fat burn!

So now your probably thinking, but Adam… Cant I just use my phone? Aren’t there apps that can manage this all for me?
It’s true there’s lots of great apps out there to time you rest periods but there’s one big problem using your phone.
A mobile phone is one of the biggest distractions you will ever hold in the palm of your hand…

You might be timing your rest periods and totally killing all those sets but what happens when your friends start texting you? Or perhaps that special friend you met last weekend? This is where your workout soon becomes doomed!

So here we are, jumping back to the humble wrist watch…

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t workout without mine! I seriously recommend you pick one up for yourself. When I started timing all my sets I got some of the best gains I’ve ever had, and better yet… my workouts all ended in record time!

Chosing the right wrist watch

Right! Have I convinced you? Chances are if I have you’ve already opened a tab and started browsing amazon and realised there’s a overwhelming amount of choices to make.

Bare bones £5-30 digital sports watch

If all you want is a basic watch with a timer and stopwatch function you really don’t need to break the bank at all. You really can’t go wrong with a cheap one of these. You will want something waterproof with a nice rubber strap that’s comfortable through fast movements and sweat. Try not to get something too big as you don’t want to catch it on any of your weights. For best value for Money and quality I recommend the Casio below.


Fitness trackers have hit the world by storm the past year. Everyone is now keeping track of their activities using this little gadgets. What makes the Fitbits great is that you can track your entire day by wearing one on your wrist. They are also quite stylish! These wrist watches and straps track all of your movements and heart rate then send all of the data directly to your smart phone which can be viewed on a neat little app.

If your lucky enough to afford the top range blaze then it’s really going to be the perfect stopwatch and companion for you at the gym. The best part is the heart rate monitor. Being able to keep an eye on your heart rate during a workout is a game changer.

Being able to see your heart rate go up and down as you perform different exercises is going to allow you to adjust the intensity to make sure your working at your max the whole workout. If your lifting weights to loose fat then this is going to give you a massive advantage.

If you can’t afford the Blaze and want to get on the fitness band wagon then don’t worry! They also have a much cheaper and simple version. But if you are able to pick up a blaze I highly recommend it!

How long should I rest between sets for building muscle?

Strength trainers generally rest between 2-3 minutes. This is optimal for gaining strength as the goal is to be in top condition and rested for each set to try and lift more weight.

For bodybuilding and gaining fast muscle (but also strength too of course) you want to keep those rest periods short so the muscle has no chance to recover and fight back.

For compound moments (multiple muscle group exercises, eg chest press, squat etc, all the big ones!) you want to aim for no more than 1 minutes rest. 45 seconds is ideal but can be tricky for some of the heavier lifts.

For isolation exercises (single muscle exercises, bicep curls, extensions etc). You won’t need to rest as long. I try to rest for 30 seconds in between these.