Ultrasport 4-in-1 Door Pull-up bar review

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If your short on space and don’t have a power rack then a door frame pull up bar is an excellent solution to building your upper body up at home. Pull ups are the king of home back exercises and the pull up bar is one of the cheapest pieces of equipment, a must have for any home fitness fanatic.

This pull up bar comes packaged in 3 parts which are easily screwed together to create a solid, sturdy pull up bar.

How does it work

This clever bar sits between your doorway to create a safe and sturdy pull up station in any room of your house. one side sits on the top frame of your door while the other pulls out infront of the door. This creates a very safe and stable bar to pull yourself up from right inside your door. To understand exactly how this fits the door see the diagrams below.

Is it safe?

Safety precautions should always be made by making sure you attach the bar correctly before use. If the bar is correctly in place then this is a very safe and sturdy and you can use it with your mind at total ease.

Your door will also be safe too! The bars and parts which make contact with your door frame all come with well padded areas. A great safety feature.

Build quality

For it’s low price the build quality is suburb. It feels strong and sturdy and the three pieces were easy to put together. I can imagine this lasting a very long time if used well.

Extra exercises you can do with the pull-up bar

Another great feature with the pull up bar is that it can be used as an aid in other exercises too. In the past I’ve used mine to assist in the following exercises.

Ab exercise leg holder:
If you connect the bar to the bottom of your door it functions as a good leg holder to hold you legs down when performing crunches and sit-ups.

The bar can be sat on the floor and used as push-ups handles. This is a great way to reduce strain on your wrists and can also add extra depth to your push-ups.

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