Up and running!

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Hey guys! I’m so happy to announce and make this post to say the website is finally fully up and running!

It’s been a long journey to get to this point and I’m really excited to have the website up on the web for everyone to read.

I encourage everyone to have a good look around. I’ve tried my best to build a massive resource of everything you need to get into the best shape of your life at home.

Let’s start building the Homeshredded community! You can comment and post on your favourite pages using the community comments. I’m always going to be here to offer my help and advice on any questions. This blog is going to be regularly updated with lot’s of interesting articles and I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen to try and come up with some more healthy and yummy recipes.

If you haven’t already you can read all about me and my full story right here.

Then check out the free full 12 week 2 shred plan. These are the exact workouts I used myself to make my transformation. It’s a great workout and can easily be done with the most basic equipment.

I’ve been working hard to put together lot’s of videos so you can watch a follow along with me. I’m currently in the process of uploading all the videos on YouTube. I will share the YouTube channel as soon as it’s available.

For now I hope everyone enjoys the new website. If you have any comments I’d love to hear. You can leave them below in this post!

You can keep updated with all my latest posts by subscribing directly to the blog below.

You can also support me directly here by liking and following me on social media. I’m still the in process of finalizing these pages but soon they will be filled with content.

Happy shredding!


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