If your looking to maximise your muscle building potential or your what’s considered a hard gainer who struggles to put on weight then a weight gain shake is your best option. But with so many brands and choices out there, what’s the best weight gain shake for you?

Staying lean while bulking with a weight gain shake

The most important thing when choosing a weight gain shake is to check the ingredients and try to identify what’s in all of those extra calories it provides.

Always try and check where the carbohydrates are sourced from. Cheap weight gain shakes tend to use fast carbohydrates such as sugar to bulk up the calories. These are the ones I recommend you should avoid as there’s a high chance you might put on some extra fat.

The best weight gain shakes that I recommend are the ones which use clean, complex carbohydrates such as oats for example.

Click the button below to see my three favourite weight gain shakes that I’ve used over the past few years.

Recommended clean weight gain shakes

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