The power rack is often the core of a great small home gym. The power rack has lots of functions. It can be used to stack your bar with weights for safe executions of exercises such as the chest press, shoulder press etc. You can also transform the power rack into the perfect squat rack. Most good power racks also come with pull up bar attachments at the top and dips attachments at the side. Some even the option for an adjustable weighted cable attachment. This makes the power rack the ultimate piece of equipment for your home gym.

But the biggest selling point of the power rack is it’s safety. One of many people’s concerns when working out at home is not being able to try really heavy weights out of the fear of messing up and dropping them. Especially the chest press.

The power rack allows you to set two bars each side above you which will catch any weights making it impossible to drop weights and injure yourself. See the diagram below to see exactly how this works.

When purchasing my first power rack I did a ton of research to make sure I was buying the best one I could for my money. Click here to see all of the power rack reviews.

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