Workout twice a day for quicker gains?

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With the new year fully underway, like most of us, I’m looking to step up my workouts and achieve higher goals than ever.

The ‘12week2shred’ plan has kept me going for 4 years and helped me put on a ton of muscle. But it’s time for something new and fresh for 2017!

I’ve been reading a lot lately into the effectiveness of training twice a day.

What about overtraining?

I have avoided reading into this in the past out of fears of overtraining. But since then, I have come to learn; however, that overtraining is so misunderstood online. Many people cling onto the idea that if you break the simple convention of the 3-5 day split, you are over training. But why? If you look into the training of athletes and movie role prepping stars, then you will see they all train like madmen, often multiple times a day.

Just look at the muscles on Olympic gymnastics: they train multiple times everyday! By internet forum logic, these guys should be losing muscle from overtraining.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against the idea of overtraining being bad. I think it’s possible to overtrain for negative effects if you are not smart and don’t plan out your workouts. Age comes into effect too, of course. If you’re in your 50s for example, you’re never going to recover as quick as someone in their 20s.

So after researching into the advantages of the twice a day lift, I must say I’m very convinced.

With all the knowledge I’ve gathered, I’ve come up with a full workout. One, which I will be starting next week.

How it works

Training twice a day works by splitting your normal workout in half. The most important thing is to leave a big enough gap between the two. I would recommend no less than 6 hours between each workout. The easiest way to do it is to workout in the morning then the evening after work.

The idea is to split the workout into two shorter workouts so that you can really focus and get to most out of each exercise.We still follow the traditional split and focus on the same muscle groups in both workouts. I recommend a 30 minute workout in the morning, then a 30 minute workout in the evening.

The morning workout

In the morning, focus on the big compound exercises. Heavy weights, low reps ranges.

The evening workout

In the evening, focus on the less heavy isolation exercises. Go for higher reps.

Time now to get planning the new workout.
Stay tuned to see the full workout posted here on Homeshredded soon once I get started.

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