York Ultimate Folding Mat review

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Homeshredded score

    • Great compact folding design
    • Nice and thick and confortable
    • Lightweight with handle
    • Weak points in fold lines that may wear over time.
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York Ultimate Folding Mat review 2016

The York ultimate folding mat is a brilliant thick exercise mat, just like the big soft one’s you may find at a commercial gym.

The thing that stands this mat out from the crowd is it’s premium thickness. It’s a 4.5 cm deep and fully extends to 181 cm at full length.

There’s a lot of mats out there now the follow this exact template and clever design. Each with it’s own brand stamped on it. I believe the majority of these are exactly the same.

How it folds

One of the best features with this mat is it’s clever folding design. The mat is built up by 3 large squares. These then fold down and stack together making it easy to rest against a wall or tuck away in the cupboard when not in use.

build quality

At first glance the build quality on this mat is great. It’s thick and very soft and feels great. Unfortantly after a vigorous 2 years of use mine has started to show quite a lot of wear and tear and may well need replacing over the next few years. I will happily purchase a second though as it has served me well.

Why you need get a good exercise mat

Having a good soft exercise mats not only going to help you have a more comfortable workout. It’s also going to help to inspire you to get on the floor and hit those ab exercises. Sometimes it’s worth having a good mat just for the motivation.

And with it’s compact design you can easily pick it up and play it down in the living room and bust out your ab routine while watching TV. There’s really no excuses when you own one of these!

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